Marginsoft's Policies For Updates And Program Use
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A. Late Season Purchases

1) For new users purchasing our programs after October 1 of a year (or for existing users who pay the new customer price after October 1), MarginSoft will comp the program at no charge to that user for the following year. This is not true for returning users paying the upgrade price before October 1. Instructions to this end will be sent to all users who purchase after October 1st. 

B. Annual Updates

1) In January of every year, MarginSoft updates our programs for (a) changes in state and federal taxes, (b) for changes to your state’s child support guidelines that may become effective at the start of the new year, and (c) for new features requested by our users or initiated by us to improve the program.

2) Changes in taxes that accrue during a calendar year are re-programmed in the most current version and MarginSoft provides updated downloads to in-year users at no charge. The same is true if a state changes its child support theory mid-term, as those changes are provided to in-year users at no charge.

3) The fee for the most current yearly version is the same in January as it is for purchases in any other month of the calendar year. MarginSoft does not prorate that fee.
C. Program Use

1) MarginSoft operates on a January to January basis in regards to program updates, but that does not mean that your prior version will expire. It will function in perpetuity and you may have versions from multiple years installed on your computers.

2) Your user license is inclusive to all computers used at your location (including the computers of employees at your site), but the User Name and Registration Key provided by MarginSoft is licensed only for the installation of our software on the computers used at your site. It is a violation of our software license to distribute your User Name and Registration Key to any other users not associated with your particular practice.

3) We recommend that, now and again, you check the current version of your software by clicking on “Check for Update” button on the program’s splash screen (which will take you to a page on our website). Major changes made in-year will always be the subject of notice. Sometimes, with minor in-year revisions, notices are not sent. All in-year downloads are free of charge.

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